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Since 2005, Read Muskegon has been working to break the generational cycle of illiteracy in Muskegon County. As the only non-profit organization in the county solely focused on removing barriers to literacy for all individuals, Read Muskegon has taken the lead in creating community-based, systemic change that will result in a more literate Muskegon County.

  • Illiteracy is a problem that far too often goes unrecognized. Yet, tens of thousands of adults in Muskegon County do not read well enough to vote, fill out a job application, read safety information in the workplace follow healthcare instructions, or read to their children. 

  • We feel the impact throughout our community from increased crime, greater need for public aid, lower tax revenues for cities, higher healthcare costs, or lower productivity in the workplace.

  • Literacy can change everything. When individuals learn how to read, write, do basic math, and use computers, they have the power to lift themselves out of poverty, find and keep sustainable employment, and ultimately change their lives. 

Why We Care.

How Are We Accomplishing

  • We lead the way in designing and delivering training for literacy tutors.​

  • We develop and deliver relevant, research-based, learner-centered literacy instruction that is proven to help participants overcome deficits in learning.

  • Through the Read Muskegon Literacy Collaborative, we partner with parent leaders, businesses, the criminal justice system, healthcare providers, social service organizations, government agencies, and other passionate community members.

    • Together, we work to maximize our strengths and resources as we focus on reducing illiteracy in Muskegon County. By doing so, we unlock the potential of people, reduce poverty, improve public health, create safer neighborhoods, and more profitable workplaces.

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