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26 E. Broadway, Muskegon Heights


"In Read Muskegon, I learned lots of different things. I learned how to trust someone, to believe in her, and to hope for a better tomorrow. I learned how to read better, how to spell new words and understand the meaning of them." ~ Read Muskegon Learner
One in six adults in the United States is functionally illiterate, reading at or below the 4th-grade level. In Muskegon County, that translates to more than 25,000 adults.
The adverse effects of illiteracy are felt in our economic, education, criminal justice, and healthcare systems.
Read Muskegon is breaking the generational cycle of illiteracy by providing customized programs that meet the unique needs of our learners and building community partnerships to maximize our impact.

More than 43 million adults in the United States cannot read above a third grade level. 

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