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Sign up to become a volunteer tutor by completing this online registration form or call (231) 747-7273 for more information!

For more ways to volunteer scroll to the bottom of this page!

What do volunteer tutors do at Read Muskegon?

Volunteer tutors are matched with an individual learner or small group of learners who they meet with on a weekly basis, to practice reading and writing skills.

Tutors prepare learning materials with the support of Read Muskegon staff but work with the learner independently each week.

Some tutors assist during English Language classes, provide support during family programs, or help staff with office projects.


Who are the learners at Read Muskegon?

Read Muskegon tutors support learners who are K-12 students, adults fluent in English looking for reading support, and also adults learning the English language.

What is the weekly time commitment of a volunteer tutor?

Tutors are highly encouraged to meet with their learner for at least 90 minutes a week. This might be in one weekly session or multiple sessions.

The session schedule is determined entirely by the availability of the learner and tutor. On average, tutors spend about 90 min - 2 hours with their learner each week, plus an hour for preparing materials (ex: visiting the office and making copies) and travel.

How long should volunteer tutors prepare to commit to working with Read Muskegon?

Ideally, a tutor should be available to meet weekly with a learner for at least 6 months. That being said, over 60% of tutors at Read Muskegon have been active for over a year!

What experience is required?

All volunteer tutors must be over the age of 18 and pass a background check. Other than that - no experience required! Tutors will receive training to review resources and reading strategies to best support their learner.

Where does tutoring take place?

All tutoring sessions must be held in a public place. Common tutoring locations include the Read Muskegon office during business hours, public libraries, schools or colleges, community centers, and churches. The weekly meeting time and place is determined by the learner and tutor.

Where do I start? What’s the process?


Complete the online registration form and sign up for tutor training.


Attend in-person or virtual tutor training.


Read Muskegon staff will reach out to you about a potential learner match.


Once you’re matched, you will attend the “meet and greet” session with your learner.


Begin tutoring weekly!


Report your hours monthly via the online tutor log.


Stay in touch with Read Muskegon staff for support, resources, networking with other tutors, celebration events, etc.

Are there other ways to volunteer with Read Muskegon?

Absolutely! If you are looking for less of a time commitment, we can always use extra hands. Some ways volunteers may get involved include: helping during outreach events, sorting books, organizing materials and supplies, preparing for specific programs, and other special projects. Reach out to to learn more about other volunteer opportunities!

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